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New WordPress Dashboard Update 3.8

The newest WordPress update is quite different than the past updates and I like it!

WordPress Update 3.8 is incredible and finally they did something to the back end design to make it look more 2014. It appears that the admin panel is now 100% responsive on any device, including your cellphone. This is perfect for bloggers and web developers like myself who have something important to say yet can’t get it all put together with just my iPhone. Now it appears I can do it all with my phone and that’s very good for the future of web designers and bloggers.

It also allows you to change the boring colors around to something more fresh and exciting!

New WordPress Dashboard – Update 3.8

As I’m typing this I’m realizing that almost everything is different, in a good way. Things seem much more high tech and more vibrant and I’m actually excited to be working with WordPress again. WordPress started to get a bit plain and boring but now it seems much more innovative like how it originally started with the website crowd.

Check out the screenshot I took after the update was done installing:


As you can see, it’s much more innovative and user friendly then before. The new features are going to be awesome and I can’t wait to set up a blog post on my phone this weekend. This goes hand in hand with my previous blog post about Why WordPress Is Awesome.

Check out the snippet of the new mobile device optimization:


You can also change the color scheme in the back end which is something that helps my eyes. Any one else tired of staring at white or grey? I sure could use this change! Check out the new colors in the dashboard:


So far the WordPress Dashboard Colors are:

  • Default
  • Light
  • Blue
  • Coffee
  • Ectoplasm
  • Midnight
  • Ocean
  • Sunrise

My favorite so far is the “Default” one to be honest, much more slick then before.

New WordPress Dashboard is Awesome

I was quite excited when I saw the update at the top of my screen just now. The 3.8 WordPress update went smoothly and so far so good. I’m impressed WordPress, keep up the good work and if your a web designer and need web hosting then you need to follow me.

  • Kristina

    This is so much better then before!!

  • John Westinski

    Awesome can’t wait to update all my sites when i get home from the game