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Why I Love Going To The Casino (Even If I Break Even)

I would consider going to the casino a hobby if my eyes.

I just love going there, and no, not a casino that is garbage like the river boat casinos near by, but the very nice casinos that you have to drive too.

I have definitely lost way more than I have ever won at the casino but I still enjoy just being there. When I turned 21, I was in Las Vegas. How cool is that? I turned 21 in VEGAS! I was also with my current girlfriend at the time and it was a blast! Ever since I went, I want to go back so damn bad. I’m 22 now and I plan on going this summer with my girlfriend again and this time staying even longer.

Why Do I Love The Casino?

This answer is very simple, it’s exciting. There are all these flashing lights, and drinks, and people having a blast. It’s just a great scene to be around, well as long as your at the right casino. Some can be nothing more then depressing. My girlfriend and I make it a habit to visit as many different casinos as we can. So far, we have been to casinos in 5 different states including Las Vegas. I actually want to live in Las Vegas for a couple years just to have the experience and the warm weather all the time. Or maybe somewhere like Arizona where it’s a close enough driving distance for the weekends.

jackpot casino

I Always Lose, Except Last Time I Won (Sorta)

I still enjoy going to the casino even though I have the worst luck ever imaginable. I definitely took after my mom when it comes to that. I have a gameplan though, I usually take out anywhere between $200 to $500 dollars from the ATM long before I even walk into the casino and make sure I do not go to a single ATM once that money is gone. This way I will not lose too much money because when your at the casino, there is no thought process except having a good time.

So I kept loosing that much money every time I went and it’s always a crappy ride home except the last time I went! Last weekend I kept hitting mini jackpots on the slot machines, meaning $100 here, $200 there. I also kept loosing about the same amount but at the end of my 8 hour non-stop gambling feat, I ended up breaking even. In fact, I was up $3.31! I even scored an old school $20.00 dollar bill from the ticket machine.

Breaking even is a win for me! I got to spend 8 hours gambling non-stop while enjoying free drinks and having a fun time with my girlfriend, the love of my life. The ride home last weekend was very pleasant.