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Why Do We Want To Make More Money?

Why do us humans strive to make money? The question is Why? We try every single day to make more money but why? Is it to have a better lifestyle? Let’s face it, when you have money you have freedom to buy any object your heart desires. Maybe you just want to be able to do whatever you please and not have to go to work. Whatever reason it may be, us humans are always trying to make more money. What’s sad about the world we live in today, it is impossible to have a comfortable lifestyle without a sufficient amount of money.


You don’t need to be rich to be happy but you sure need some type of “money” to survive. Having financial freedom is just that, freedom. Just please don’t forget the other important values in life like family and your loved ones. Keep striving for that money, make sure your doing it legally, and hopefully your ambition and will power will guide you in the prominent direction.