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Why do companies still “spam” you? (Spamming)

All day on twitter I receive spam messages. They are ridiculously obvious and I would never click on them so why are they still spamming us? Am I just in the know how about the spam links and know not to click on them? We have been seeing spam pretty much since email existed. This website has a contact form and I receive spam emails daily, probably 1,000. I’m not complaining that I’m getting that much spam because I’m too lazy to throw in a captcha code to prevent it, but I’m wondering what the point is.

spam me

Get Creative Spammers!

I’m not clicking on your spam links my friends. I mean come on…Twitter for instance. Apparently creating a profile with a picture of a hot chick on it, then getting direct messages saying “Wanna Have Sex?, Click Here” are working somewhere because I receive them daily. Is anyone out there stupid enough to still click on these damn things? We all remember when the sex pills were being emailed to you 8 years ago, how about some creativity?

How about you establish a brand, gain my trust, then offer me a solution to my problem. Then “spam” me…wait that isn’t spam…THAT’S BUSINESS! Spam might get you a few views but come on…it won’t accomplish a damn thing. Spammers, go away