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What Time and Channel is the Super Bowl? Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers

What time is the Super Bowl today?  Kick-Off Time is 5:30 PM Central Time.

What channel is the Super Bowl on? CBS, typically channel 2 for most people.

There, I just saved you a hell of a lot of time trying to figure it out through a bunch of articles on other websites.

Now that we have that established how about the teams that are playing? Yes, some people actually don’t watch football and for those of you that have no idea who is playing today’s game, it is the Baltimore Ravens against the San Francisco 49ers. I’m from Chicago and will be happy whichever team wins, but I do have a $5.00 wager going against my friend and that’s for a 49ers victory. so with that being said, I guess go San Francisco!

Baltimore Ravens vs San Francisco 49ers – Super Bowl 47

Super Bowl 47 Baltimore Ravens San Francisco 49ers