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What is the best Website Hosting? Step by Step Guide

What is the best website hosting available today? Bluehost. We have done all the research, tried all the hosts, and just based on all our expertise we can easily say Bluehost is your best bet. Normally Bluehost costs $6.95/month, which is super cheap for what they offer, but through our affiliate link it is only $4.95/month! You can not beat that price and you can not beat Bluehost when it comes to website hosting.

Here is a step by step guide brought to your by “How to Create a Website Online” that makes it simple and easy to sign up with Bluehost.


1) Make Sure You Go To Our Affiliate Link To Bluehost, You’ll Save Money!

If you click through our link you will save money. Normally it cost $6.95/month but with our Special Offer, it will be reduced to $4.95/month!

Now that you have Clicked Through Our Affiliate Link, it should have opened a separate window with a Bluehost screen that looks like this:



2) Register A Domain Name, This Is Your Website Name (.com)

Click on the “Sign Up Now” button as seen below:


Enter your Domain Name of choice as seen below:


If your Domain Name of choice is taken, you will see this:


If your Domain Name of choice is available you will see this:


We are almost done! Now to the Final Step!


3) Account Information & Web Hosting Package, Recommended!

Fill out your account information like the image below:


Web Hosting Package:

We recommend picking the Web Hosting Package that is $4.95/month, it will be $6.95/month if you didn’t click through our affiliate link. The only other thing we suggest is that you add on the “Domain Whois Privacy” which will keep your name private to public whois records.

The last thing left to do is enter in a form of payment and accept the terms and conditions. After you enter in that information, click on the “Next” button and then you’re done!

Congratulations! You now own your very own website!