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Weed Pot Marijuana Ganja Sales $1 Million

Weed sales have surpassed over $1 Million Dollars on it’s first day being legal in Colorado.

That is 1 day of weed sales making over a million dollars. I think I read an estimate that Colorado could be racking in about $130 Million in Pot sales by the end of the tax season. That is a lot of green, literally. Can you imagine if every single state was on board right now too? Imagine that economic boost that could possibly change the economic collapse from getting worse and possibly getting us on our way to having a better economy.

It doesn’t take a genius to realize Marijuana is less dangerous than even alcohol or some prescription drugs. It’s something that should be regulated, sure tax it, and laws should be similar to buying beer. You should be over 21 to buy pot and you should be inside to smoke it. No driving under the influence and boom, you get high and the government gets paid. Seems simple so what is the problem here?