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Website Traffic Update January 21, 2013

Here is a traffic update for January 21, 2013.

Not doing as well as I have hoped. I’m only at 3,146 Unique IP’s for the month of January. If you read my last traffic update, you will notice I am not going to hit my goal.

However, I do believe the quality of my visitors has gone up. I seem to be having much more interaction on my Popular Blog Site and I hope to just increase this each and every day. My hits have been increasing every single day for the month of January and today I am on my way to have a record day of hits. Which is definitely something I can smile about.

What is going on with my Traffic?

I’m really not sure what is going on with my traffic on this website but it’s not accelerated at the speed I have previously projected. I really guess patience is key here and I have been very focused on other projects. I have been working on my eBook and my podcast and I just haven’t had time to just heavily advertise this blog. This blog is the center of my universe though meaning every project I do will fall back on here. I like to think of Popular Blog Site as the center of attention and have everything expand outwards in a circle and just hover around it.

traffic january 21 unique

I’m not worried in the least bit, I have had a great start to the year of 2013. This is definitely my year and I am no doubt going to make it work out. As much knowledge as I already have, I still am learning something new every single day which I think is key to power. Now my niche website has been doing pretty good actually.

How to Create a Website Online: My Niche Site Update

My niche website has seen amazing results as far as I can see. As of right now I have had over 1,050 unique visits for the month of January! I launched the website less than 30 days ago so that is a very nice feat to accomplish. For the most part, How to Create a Website Online is completely done, with the framework. I am working on an eBook for that website as well, a very in-depth analysis on how to create a website from start to finish which will be available for purchase.

I have already had an affiliate sale too which is amazing! I can’t wait until I am consistently having affiliate sales so I can make some passive income on the side while enjoying my other projects. The affiliate sale derived from my Step by Step Guide on How to Create a Website with Bluehost, best hosting company in the game. I highly recommend that you check that page out if you have any interest in creating your own .com website.

Heading Towards February: Full Speed Ahead

We are getting to that time of the month where it is almost over. It seems like yesterday it was just New Years but it’s already almost the end of January. Wow does time fly by when you are working your butt off! I want to head into February full speed ahead and I’m definitely going fast. Hopefully I can get more unique followers coming to my blog site and my niche website. I have multiple plans for every single day of this year.

As I mentioned in my last post, I fixed the email subscribe submit form and you are now able to get email updates from Popular Blog Site! How cool is that? As always, I appreciate you guys reading my blog and if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment! Thank You!