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Website Traffic Keeps Increasing Lately

My website traffic has been steadily increasing and it’s particularly because of one reason. Yes I am ranking a bit better everyday in the google search engine but that is the not the reason for the recent spike in traffic. The reason for my traffic increasing is Twitter. I found this plug-in called “Tweetily” that will automatically tweet the posts I have on my website.

What Does This Mean?

That means at all hours of the day I have activity going on my twitter. Now I just started using it and so far it has been great at filling in the gaps of my organic traffic, but I have no idea if I will be using this in the future. I think as soon as my organic traffic begins bringing traffic steadily to Popular Blog Site, then I will drop the automatic social networking. Plus, I’m sure it begins getting annoying to you guys following me on twitter (sorry).



Why is Twitter a Good Thing?

What’s good about it is it does in fact tweet about my content and different times of the day meaning people in a different timezone have a chance to view my tweet on their feed and click on the article if their interested. I have been running it for 2 days now and my unique traffic increased big time and it’s all because of Twitter. I am able to see these stats because I use Google Analytics and Awstats which is built into my cPanel. I like to kind of mash both statistics together and come up with an average per say because they will never equal the same for whichever reason. Even though it’s just because of Twitter for now, it is still getting people to my website.

Use What You Have To Your Advantage.

Take advantage of whatever avenue is getting the word across to new faces. It could be your Twitter, Facebook, Email List, Paid Advertising, Word of Mouth; whatever it is, make sure it’s worth your investment. I don’t like having to pay for advertising and you can easily get the word out for free. You just need to be patient and you will get there one day, I promise.