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UPSLabs has come out with a brand NEW Patent Pending Anabolic called Versa-1. In just one month of use, the testers had experienced amazing results from Versa-1 just by using one capsule per day. Just one capsule a day and they saw results?

Incredible. This product is so innovative that they had to come out with a patent to protect their ground breaking ingredients inside the Versa-1.

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USPLabs VERSA-1 Provides Results

If you work out hard and want to see results, then Versa-1 is a product you should definitely add to your arsenal. USPLabs Versa-1 is not only going to help you when your working out, it’s actually going to do some work for you as long as your maintaining proper diet and exercise.

USPLabs Versa-1 Anabolic

Directions for Taking Versa-1

Directions: Take 1 capsule daily with or without food. On days that you are working out, take it 30-60 before your workout with or without a pre-workout supplement.

Versa-1 Supplement Facts for 1 Capsule

The serving size for the supplement is 1 capsule. You don’t need to choke on taking 20 pills at once to see results, you only need to take one and go on with your day. I hate having to take multiple pills that aren’t even effective. With Versa-1, all’s I need to take is just that one glorious capsule.

Versa-1 is made up with a Proprietary Blend of 400mg a serving. It contains the chemical compound N-[2-hydroxy-2(4-methoxyphenyl) ethyl]-3-phenyl-2-propenamide and Citicoline.

Here is the exact Supplement Facts as labeled on the bottle:

USPLabs Versa-1 Supplement Facts

Where Can I Buy Versa-1 by USPLabs?

Versa-1 can purchased from a variety of online supplement retailers but you want one you can count on. You like when you order online and your product comes to you right away? Good so do I! Check out my affiliate link to purchase Versa-1 and you will be well on your way to seeing some ground breaking anabolic results!

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