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Twitter is a Great Marketing Tool for Your Blog

Twitter is my favorite marketing tool at the moment and it’s because it’s effective. I get great responses from you wonderful people all day and I also get tons of website traffic.

If you haven’t noticed by now I have my Twitter & Popular Blog Site on Auto-Tweet. I like to call it website cruise control, this way you guys that are new to following me can see all my posts that you might have missed, and for you regulars who follow me, you get twitter action from me all day while I’m at work.

The best part is the fact I can access Twitter with my iPhone and get notifications instantly when they are sent to me. When someone follows me, ReTweets me, reply’s, etc. I can then reply in instant time and give a more personal approach to my Twitter marketing.

Twitter Provides Popular Blog Site With Great Traffic

Twitter Header Popular Blog Site

I’m not completely supportive of the fact my blog is on auto-tweet but it’s not all too bad. I use to manually set up all my tweets for the entire day and that alone took me a couple hours every night. I just couldn’t do it anymore so I installed a WordPress plug-in that does all the work for me. This has been a huge time saver for me and to me time is money. I have a full-time job all day but this auto features allows me to be active all day.

Luckily I have access to my phone’s Twitter App at all times so if you need to hear from me you can just send me a Tweet and I usually get back to you right away. I average about 20-50 ReTweets a day and that causes a snowball effect of Twitter traffic to my blog site. I try to thank every single person who ReTweet’s me this way ensuring them I truly appreciate their value to me.

How Can I Become Successful With Twitter?

In order to have success with Twitter you need to have patience. I started my Twitter account over a year ago and it took until about last December for me to hammer out all the pieces and get it going like a well oiled machine. When you first start on Twitter, you will get close to no activity during the beginning. This can be very frustrating and actually causes many people to just give up on it altogether. The best thing to do is to Follow as many people as you can but do it in a gradual way. You don’t want to come off spammy or just follow random people either. Try and follow people related to your cause or niche, you can figure this out easily with a simple Twitter Search.


Feel free to ReTweet things you enjoy reading or things that would benefit your own followers. This is key in building trust with your audience. Also Reply to as many people as you can, this for one makes you more personal with your blog guests, and number two, makes these people happy and they will most likely ReTweet you again and again.

Need help figuring out Twitter? No Problem. Leave a comment below and I’ll answer your questions! Thanks for reading!

  • What is the name of the wordpress plug-in that you use? Do you use Hootsuite? Just wondering about the specific tools for automation. Thanks!

  • Admin

    Hey Tamela, I use a Plug-in called “Tweetily”. For a free plug-in, it’s not so bad. I’m working on other plugins at the moment but for now Tweetily is decent! Thanks for asking!

  • Justin Stofferahn

    I have noticed your tweets a lot lately. I have really enjoyed the famous left-handed people. I’m not even left handed, and they are great.
    Back to a marketing mind-set and twitter, do you think Vine will become the new way twitter is done? I just see people wanting to post more videos/pictures of themselves rather than just words all the time? I just want to hear a different opinion on where Twitter could be heading.