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Trutein Pumpkin Pie Protein Flavor is Delicious

TruNutrition Sciences has released for a limited time Trutein Pumpkin Pie Flavor Protein and it is delicious!

I am already a big fan of Trutein Cinnabun Protein so I figured the Pumpkin Pie flavor would also be a hit. I was completely right and I was lucky enough to try some today from a friend who’s in the supplement business.

It actually gives off an orange color when mixed with water and it tastes just like Pumpkin Pie. I was almost tempted to warm up the shake and drink it thus replicating a real Pumpkin Pie. I highly suggest you grab a bottl of this stuff before it is sold out, it even says on the bottle that it is for a limited time only.

Trutein Pumpkin Pie Protein Flavor 5lbs

Trutein Pumpkin Pie Protein 5lbs

They say on the bottle to mix 1 scoop but since I am so extreme I always do 2 scoops of protein. I put about 16 oz of water in my blender bottle and then 2 full scoops of the pumpkin pie protein. It must have been the perfect mix because it tasted amazing.

On a diet and looking for a desert option that will satisfy your sweet tooth? Well you’re finally in luck! Way to go TruNutrition Sciences with this limited flavor of Pumpkin Pie protein that is sure to satisfy the gym masses.

UPDATE: Pumpkin Pie Flavored Trutein is now available again for the 2014 season! You can purchase it right here.