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Traffic Update Summary March 2013 – Popular Blog Site

This is the Popular Blog Site Traffic Update Summary for March 2013.

Once again I have broken records for the Month of March 2013 and I am damn proud! If you want to check out all of my Traffic Update Posts you can click here and if you want to view last month specifically please click here.

Now last month I hit 6,968 unique hits and I was shy of my goal of 8,000 hits yet it was still a record month for Popular Blog Site so I was still happy about it. If you read my post from last month you will see that I set a brand new goal of 8,500 unique hits for the month of March. Guess what? I completely destroyed my goal, look below.

March 2013 – Traffic Summary for Popular Blog Site

My unique visitors for the month of March was 10,978 hits!!! That is 2,478 more than my goal of 8,500! I tell you what, this has been my favorite month hosting Popular Blog Site and I hope to continue turning the wheels forward with you guys. I have met some very interesting people and I have been interacting with as many of you as possible!

Here is the screenshot of my statistics using Awstats:

Popular Blog Site Unique Visitors – March 2013

Popular Blog Site Traffic Update March 2013

10,978 Unique Visitors for the month of March 2013.

Previous month – 6,968 for the month of February 2013.

Difference – +4,010

Goal – 8,500 Unique Visitors

Difference – +2,478

I have finally beat my goal from the previous month for unique visitors by 2,478! This is just going to push me further and make me try even harder to create excellent content for my viewers. That’s you dude, YOU! I love you guys, every single one of you who read this you are a great asset for me and for Popular Blog Site. The real dream is to live off of my websites and be able to travel and work on my own terms. We live a short life on this giant blue marble and I don’t want to be a slave to work and money the majority of my life.

I’m 22 years old young and I want to be able to spend some of my younger years having a blast and enjoying this very earth we live on. I’m not looking to be insanely wealthy, just able to live a comfortable life on my own terms.

Popular Blog Site is Growing Right Now

popular blog site rising chart

My Twitter account has reached over 13,000 Followers and I hope to be over 15,000 by the month of April. My Facebook account is slowly starting to see some action, for some reason I have been having a very hard time getting Facebook likes but I’m working on it! Not losing hope just gaining momentum!

Goal For Next Month – April 2013

I’m going to raise my unique visitor goal pretty drastically this month because I want to defeat this month. I am going to make my goal for unique visitors 15,000 unique visitors for the month of April 2013. Now this is a very difficult goal to hit considering this is the first month I even beat a goal to begin with but I am determined to beat it.

I’m gaining position in the search engine ranks and I’m also getting tons of traffic from my social media platforms.

How You Can Help Popular Blog Site


Every single person who reads any of my content or visits my website has been great. You just being here is an amazing thing for Popular Blog Site and I hope traffic continues to rise. If any of you have Facebook, or Twitter, or Pinterest, or any social media, please share any of my posts with your friends! The more people who share means the more people who view it. So if more people view it that allows me more of an audience and I can deliver even greater content and continue to do this.

Thank you very much and I will post a Traffic Update every single month for the lifetime of Popular Blog Site.

By Popular Blog Site