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Traffic Update Summary February 2013 – Popular Blog Site

This is the Traffic Update Summary for the month of February 2013 for Popular Blog Site.

I had a record month along with some record days so that is good but I didn’t hit my goal of hitting 8,000 unique visitors for the month.

I almost hit 7,000 unique visitors for the month of February 2013, I hit exactly 6,968. What I need to concentrate more on for now is the consistency of traffic from previous viewers but that unique number is something I like to raise each month. It’s simple, I like when new people check out my blog, the more new people, the more people who will continue to visit Popular Blog Site.

February 2013 – Traffic Summary for Popular Blog Site

The statistics for the month of February 2013 were very promising for such a young website. I was averaging around 2,000 hits a day. That is over twice as many hits daily than I have had in previous months which is good, it means Popular Blog Site is escalating. I like seeing progress and I am definitely seeing major progress.

Here is a screenshot of my statistics using Awstats:

Popular Blog Site Unique Visitors

Popular Blog Site Traffic Update February 2013

6,968 Unique Visitors for the month of February 2013.

Previous month – 5,004 for the month of January 2013.

Difference – +1,964

Goal – 8,000 Unique Visitors

Difference – (-1,032)

I didn’t reach my goal but that isn’t going to stop me from doing what I love and that is blogging and networking with all of you guys.

Goal For Next Month – March 2013

My goal for February 2013 was for 8,000 Unique Visitors and I missed it by a little over 1,000 visitors. With that being said, my new goal for March 2013 will be 8,500 Unique Visitors. I also want to put a goal of having at least 5 days next month where I have over 3,000 hits in a day.

Thanks for following everybody and I will continue to post traffic update reports after every month is over and we can watch Popular Blog Site grow together. As always, follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, and please feel free to leave a comment or to tweet me!