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Traffic Update December 23, 2012

So if you follow this blog you would know that exactly one week ago I Doubled My Traffic for this month which was a total of 6,951 unique visitors. The month before I had a little over 3,000 unique hits. Today is one week later and I am at 7,700 unique hits.


So far, that is a very low increase in my opinion but I can explain the issues. I was talking to some of my colleagues and they suggested that sometime in the middle of December, Google changed the algorithm a bit screwing up all of their websites. I guess they are going hard on websites that continuously use keywords too often and that have too many back links. I’m not very sure of the new SEO that is in place, but that is what I have heard. I seemed to notice a bit of traffic drop off myself in the middle of the month as well. However, I have also been doing a bunch of new things like implementing new sitemaps, and changing the URL’s entire format.

Made Some Mistakes, Learn From Them

In the past, I had each post set up to include the exact date in the URL. Now if you notice, each post URL will only state the name of the post title. It’s more of a organic search test that I am performing and seeing if it optimizes my blog more effectively and most other blogs I have come across have it set up the same way. This caused all of my old indexed content to be removed completely because it is an entire new URL which was definitely a mistake on my part and I should have not done this. Learn from your mistakes right? I have learned my lesson and it’s going to work out in the end and I’m already seeing an improvement.

I have also been writing my posts more effectively. If you look into my first couple months of posts, they are written very poorly. I just didn’t have my head in it then and you can tell in my writing. I was hoping to just put up any garbage and that it would just generate me tons of traffic, but it did not. I’m sure their are more people than just me who have tried this in the past and also failed. Truth is, it only takes me an extra 15 to 30 minutes to really write a better post and to set it up for the search engines to pick it up more effectively. That’s an investment that is always worth making if you ask me.

Traffic Doubled, I Really Can’t Complain

So for now, my traffic for December is doing pretty good. I did more than double my traffic this month so I need to be happy about that. I would like to see more organic traffic but that does take time. I am the most impatient person on the planet but this internet game is making me realize I need some patience to survive without going completely crazy. January should be a great month for me and I am hoping to hit over 10,000 Unique hits along with some traffic retention from the prior months. I will keep you guys updated each and every month to show you exactly what I am doing, and the results I am getting from doing those actions. Eventually, if this blog site starts making me any income, I will also be very transparent about that. Hopefully I can get to that point and for you guys reading this just starting out, I wish the best of luck to you. Don’t Give Up.