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This is Why I Love Shopping at Kohls – Kohls Cash!

If you live in an area where there isn’t a Kohls I feel bad for you. I literally just bought 4 hoodies, 2 pairs of shorts, 3 comfort soft hanes t-shirts, and 2 zip-ups for less than $70.00!

How did I buy so many clothing items for so cheap? Well, Kohls has awesome prices and the winter season is coming to an end so the clothes I purchases are over 80% off as it is! I’m pretty damn excited at how much of a deal I received today! On top of the clothing being percentages off, my girlfriend had a 20% valentines day sale coupon on her phone that they scanned with no problem and I got an even better deal.

How could it get better then what I already said? You get this thing called “Kohls Cash” after every purchase of a certain amount. I received an additional $10.00 is Kohls cash, which is essentially a Kohls gift card. The only way I could have saved even more money is if I opened a Kohls charge card, but I didn’t do that because I’m against getting store charge cards but that’s just me.

Kohls is an awesome clothing store

Kohls Kohls Cash

Kohls is always so nice and clean and the staff is nice too. Working at a clothing store has to suck but the employees always seem sorta happy which makes me think that Kohls has decent business practices. If your ever in need of a bunch of nice, name brand clothing for a cheaper price, look online and see if their is a Kohls in your area. I hope Kohls stays in business forever because it is very cost efficient for my needs.

I’m someone who has been lucky enough to have had opportunity’s and to earn some decent money so far in life, which I’m very thankful for. As far as my clothing goes though, I enjoy wearing blank shirts, blank sweatshirts, and occasionally some sporty stuff to work out in. hopping at Kohls gives me everything I need, and I can buy a huge quantity and get quality while I’m at it.

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