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Thinking with some Perspective

Ever feel like your depressed or that the world is against you? I sorta understand depression but in reality I have no where near the experiences of others who have a serious problem. I have a friend who had an intervention the other day because of the actions my friend took. I offered my friend some advice that keeps me going.

Think of the world from the outside looking in. If you die tomorrow, what does it matter that you did something today? It really doesn’t mean a thing what you do on a daily basis and just assume this is your last day on this wonderful planet of ours and you will have nothing to fear.

Fear keeps us away from doing the things we truly want to do in our minds and hearts. If you want to accomplish something but your embarrassed that you will fail, you are fearing failure. This can be brought on by the fear of your friends or family or even people who know you, thinking you will fail from the start. If you did die the next day, then you would have no fear. Steve Jobs had this same mentality and look where his visions led him.

Perspective Thinking

The best advice I could give you is to think of your past from a future perspective. Let me explain what I mean by that. Have you ever looked back at your life 5 years ago and realized what you did then did not matter at all and was completely irrelevant? How about even a year ago? Well, train your mind to think that way for today. Assume it’s 2 years from now, and your looking at today from the future. If you think this way, you will have no fear, no depression, and no worries.

Yes I still get stressed from time to time but realizing there’s an entire world to think of, your life isn’t as bad. Quit thinking of your very small inner circle, and start thinking of the big picture. Please do what you want to do, and have no fear. People that sit their and point out your problems or failures have a very steep amount of failure in them. If they don’t, they were too scared to try something outside the box and fail at it once or twice before succeeding. Don’t let anybody hold you back.

Just a different perspective on life and thinking.