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The Vegas Sandwich – It Worked! Venetian/Palazzo

The Vegas Sandwich is a technique used by the pros to get an amazing room in your suite instead of the crappy room you booked. The Vegas Sandwich is when you tip the guy or girl working at the desk $20.00 and ask “if they have any complimentary upgrades available”. In my case, I tipped with a $50.00!

This is a very common practice in Las Vegas Nevada and could get you to score an incredible deal. You might not get an upgraded room but it might get you a free coupon book or even cancel out some of the resort fees. The worst case scenario is being told no, and having your money handed right back to you. So with that being said, I think it’s always worth a shot am I right?

Now normally, as I mentioned above, you tip with a $20.00 bill. I, however, wanted to make a big splash in Las Vegas so I tipped with a big fat $50.00 bill in hopes to get an extreme upgrade for the girlfriend and I. I will now go in to detail on exactly what I did and exactly what went down.


Entering The Palazzo/Venetian Hotel & Casino

I just got back from my third stay in the beautiful sin city of Las Vegas, Nevada and I had an amazing time as always. When I go, I like to stay at a beautiful resort and I like to stay for at least a week. I’m a big gambler but I love the scenery and being able to spend the majority of my daytime relaxing poolside with some cold beverages in hand at all times. That being said, this was my first time booking the hotel myself and I wanted it to be a big time getaway. I spent countless amounts of time researching exactly where I wanted to stay and then finding the best prices for hotels online. The best place actually to find Las Vegas deals is right here.

I ended up landing a hotel room in “The Palazzo” which is a beautiful counterpart to The Venetian. It’s actually quite a good deal because it’s basically 2 different resorts you have full access too for the price of one. That also includes all the pools for both hotels which was a major sales point for me. The Palazzo is home to the gondola rides and also the famous wax museum which is cool to see but something we did not partake in during our stay. The Palazzo offered a free parking garage for anyone, you didn’t even have to be staying in the suite and what was nice is the fact that is practically empty at all times. From there is an elevator right up, yes up the parking garage is under ground, directly to the resort.

The Vegas Sandwich Delivery Exchange


As the elevator was going up I anxiously was preparing my “Vegas Sandwich” to give to whoever was working behind the counter. The best way to do this is to put the $50.00 between your license and credit card and the clerk is suppose to just understand what is going on. So very nervously my girlfriend and I both walked to the front desk of the hotel. Since this is a beautiful 5 star hotel, there was a gentlemen who stood and guided the line along the way. However, this guy also picked our destiny on which hotel clerk we were going to get and then it became an lottery from there.

After a minute or so we see a gentlemen hold up a sign saying he’s free to handle business. At this point my hand is sweating holding my sandwich ultra tight and preparing my speech. Right off the bat I noticed the gentlemen we got was from a different country and there was a small language barrier. Without even asking for anything, he said “you have the so and so room booked correct?” This is when I thought fast and pulled the $50.00 dollar bill out and I proceeded to say, “Actually, I was wondering if you had any complimentary upgrades for us this evening.” Now the hotel clerk working right next to him looked right at me and smiled like she knew the deal. Man how I wish I would have gotten her instead…but oh well.

Did The Vegas Sandwich Work?

As soon as I asked and he saw the $50.00 he became very awkward and started looking down at his keyboard. As this point I thought it was an epic failure but then I was pleasantly surprised. First thing he said was they had offers for better rooms but it was going to cost me extra per night. I then told him no I don’t want to have to pay for anything, I only want an upgrade if you can provide it for free. He then fiddled with his computer for a good 5 minutes before saying anything and then came the good news.

He said he could put me in a high level suite with a view of the strip. This would have cost me an extra $500 total considering I stayed there for an entire week. So not only did I get a decent upgrade, I also got to keep my $50.00. So all in all it was totally worth it and I will definitely be trying this every single time I go to Las Vegas in the future.