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The Shark Tank (SharkTank TV Show)

Shark Tank is my favorite show to watch right now and it makes me look forward to Fridays. The Shark Tank cast consists of Mark Cuban, Kevin O’Leary, Lori Greiner, Robert Herjavec, and Daymond John. They are all eccentric millionaires and some are billionaires. They all have their own personality that really makes the show awesome. Yes it might be scripted and fake like any other show but these are at least real inventions. It’s incredible the things people come up with and being able to see them is fun to watch. My girlfriend and I look forward to it every Friday at 8:00 PM CT and almost get pissed off when they don’t have a new episode ready.

Shark Tank Cast

Since I am an entrepreneur myself, this shows really makes me imagine myself sitting as one of the Sharks one day having people hope I invest with them. My favorite Shark would have to be Mark Cuban, he is the most straight to the point guy you will ever see. He is brutally honest but with a sense of humor and seems to just get it. Kevin O’Leary is also very open and honest but he’s a cut throat, more boring type of guy. Then you got Robert Herjavec who is the token “nice” guy who just can’t swim in his own shark tank. I like the guy, but he’s in the wrong place.

I hope they continue to make new episodes of the Shark Tank and I wish they had more guest celebrities or millionaires on the show. It’s awesome seeing the people seeking investments pick at the sharks brains. Assuming the things they say are accurate, it’s actually very good business advice and has opened my eyes and changed my opinion on certain things. It seems to me that the person with the business who is seeking an investment, will become successful just for being on the show. If I owned an invention, I would just go on the show for the free advertisement. I’ve watched so many ignorant people though completely ruin the deal because they are cocky or just plain stupid.

Do you watch “The Shark Tank“? Who’s your favorite Cast Member? Mine is Mark Cuban.