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The Casino Will Just Leave You Broke & Depressed & Win No Money

The Casino Will Just Leave You Broke & Depressed & Win No Money:

I just got back from the casino in my area about an hour ago and it has taught me one thing. I never come home happy afterwards. Now I’m not the type of person who bets all the money I have in my bank account and then has no money left over when I leave but it is never fun to lose any money that you have worked hard for. I guess before today the only thing that kept me going to the casino is the chance that you might win something big. By big I mean a car or a huge progressive jackpot. But guess what, you never do.

Unless it’s Vegas or a cool casino, I do not plan on going back. I only like to have fun when I go to places like the casino and I figure I’m going to lose money regardless. I go because it’s something to do to pass the time and sometimes the slot machines can be fun and the rush of winning on the table games is very amusing. That is why I enjoy a big time casino or Vegas because it’s always a fun time.


No more going to a dive casino that smells like old people.