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Thank You Pinkberry For Sending Me a Tweet! @PinkberryCHI

Thank You Pinkberry For Sending Me a Tweet!

So I have this friend of mine who currently is residing in California and I always was jealous because I wanted to try Pinkberry and thought they weren’t in my area. Well I obviously know now that they do indeed have one in Chicago and I live in the Chicago area so it works out perfect. All the time I would tell my friend, “I’m expecting my Pinkberry in the mail”. I’m pretty sure it just annoyed her. Anyways, I happened to have that same friend add me on Twitter a couple days ago and for a joke I mentioned that she owed me Pinkberry in a Tweet.

pinkberry twitter

So a day past and I didn’t even really think much of that Tweet and then all of sudden I get a response from Pinkberry!

pinkberry tweeted me

Pinkberry Twitter:

pinkberry page tweet

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And they also followed me on Twitter:

pinkberry followed me

Click on image for full size.

Thank You once again Pinkberry, I really appreciate you taking the time to find me on twitter and to respond to my tweet. I will continue to get your delicious Frozen Yogurt and tell everyone I can to go to Pinkberry when they are visiting Chicago.

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