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Thank You for all the Feedback on Popular Blog Site

I want to thank you guys very much for all the positive feedback I have been getting for Popular Blog Site. It’s very easy to continue blogging knowing I have a great audience that is actually reading my content and appreciating it for what it’s worth.

I’m a prime example that you can start from nothing and gain a positive reaction and expand to multiple business’s. I now have 3 other websites under the Popular Blog Site networking engine and I am only going to keep expanding until I’m completely out of ideas.

Wait 3 more? I thought you only had 2 more, How to Create a Website Online & Why Are People Left Handed? Yes that is true but I just purchased another Domain Name a couple days ago and I already have some content on that website. I’m unsure when I will release to you guys this website, or even if I will directly release that information on here. I want to try and build some traffic on there without the marketing power of Popular Blog Site.

Marketing Power? Yes, I’m actually getting sufficient traffic here now that I can promote other crap…err I mean awesome stuff!

Without You, It Wouldn’t Be Possible – Thank You!

thank you popular blog site

Once again I just want to show you guys how thankful I am that your viewing my blog, and my other website endeavors. I have some of the most awesome fans on the internet and I hope to communicate on a personal level with each and everyone of you.

I plan on creating a Twitter Fan Club section or something like that were I post screenshots of my favorite Tweeter’s, you already know who you are! I have some people who are active on my Twitter account each and everyday and they will tell you first hand that I respond to practically every single Tweet that is sent to me. I really enjoying reading them and same with the comments on this blog too.

Thank You Guys! I’ll try my best to keep up with the new content every single day!