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Thank You City Of Chicago For Being Stupid

This really rages me. I don’t even understand how you can make this mistake.

Today I received a parking ticket from the City of Chicago with a picture taken along the ticket. They are charging me $60.00 for this parking fine for being parked during “rush hour” at 9 in the morning.

Here is why they are so damn stupid. The picture is of a big white commercial van, I drive a vehicle of a different color and I was no where near Chicago at the time of the incident. I don’t want to disclose any information on here because they might use it as an excuse to try and get money out of me. So basically the ticket is for a different vehicle, and I have ton’s of proof that it isn’t my car. Thankfully they are so dumb and took a picture and mailed it with the ticket of a big commercial van that I clearly don’t drive because now I have evidence that they are at fault.

Chicago, Quit Being So Damn Stupid

Chicago Skyline

Look, I’ve lived in the suburbs about 30 minutes away from Chicago my entire life and I always Enjoy going downtown, especially during the summer. I love the city, and I have traveled to many places and I am so grateful to be so close to this beautiful city. However, Chicago get your shit together! Now I have to go out of my way and mail this damn thing in and try to explain. I tried calling but of course I get the ring around with their phone system and just get robot after robot. Such a pain in my ass!

Now I am worried that someone at the Secretary of State messed up too. Please fire the dumb meter maid that wrote my license plate number wrong. #rantover