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Target Stores Credit Card Breach

Target Stores have been hit by a major credit card attack!

If you shopped at Target from Black Friday until recent, it’s pretty likely some hacker has your debit or credit card information. How awesome is that? Not! It’s such a severe case that the secret service is investigating the matter.

Investigators are saying this could possibly be the biggest breach at a United States Retailer to ever have taken place! This one definitely done by a sophisticated cyber team and if they were capable of doing such a breach, then Target didn’t have the proper security in place. How does almost every single Target Store get their customers information pulled so easily? Unbelievable.

Target Stores Credit Card Attack


I’m glad I stopped shopping there years ago, when I quit. Yes, I use to work at Target for 2 years and it was by far the worst experience of my life. Corporate Retail is ridiculously and for you people that still work there I feel sorry for you! The worst part is people see Target as the friendly version of Walmart. Well guess what? Target is no different and may possibly be worst.

As a former employee, who busted his ass at this terrible corporation, it doesn’t surprise me such a breach took place. I am very sorry for any of you guys who have been affected by their ignorance.

The best decision I ever made was quitting Target. The day I quit, I went to the Store Manager and she seemed concerned until she realized I was quitting. Once she realized that, she turned into a real life script. They don’t care about their people, the people who actually keep the place running. It’ll catch up to them sometime and for those people who work there and bust their ass, I hope you great success elsewhere!