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Super Favicon – Coolest Favicon Website Online

As you regular blog followers know, I created a niche website about 2 weeks ago and have had some great success. Within that success, I was connected with the coolest favicon website online.

super favicon logo

Super Favicon is exactly what it is called…a super site with all favicons from multiple business’s and websites. Thankfully Garrett, the admin of, contacted me through Twitter and I was intrigued from the very start.

Garrett was searching through the twitter-verse, searching for anything related to the word “Favicon” and came across my tutorial about creating and uploading favicons on “How to Create a Website Online”.

favicon super favicon

Super Favicon stuck to their word and you can find my tutorial link right here on his website! How cool is that? After a couple emails back and fourth, I kind of wanted to pick at his brain and see the entire premise of his website “Super Favicon”

Here is the Interview:

What inspired Super Favicon to get started?

As a web designer and developer the favicon is just as important as having your logo on your site. Someone I know very well made a statement that I felt was way off the mark. They stated that having a favicon is not important and has no factor on his business. He runs an e-commerce site.

For me, I assume as a business owner you can only hope someone will make a purchase on your site, bookmark it, and then hopefully return and make more purchases. If a user had you bookmarked as someone who does not have a favicon and your competitor who has one both bookmarked and needed to go to one or the other…who are they doing to pick?

This inspired me to start collecting favicon’s from everywhere. It started with 50 and has grown to about 1900 at the moment. I emailed it to my friend who debates it’s importance daily. He still does not have a favicon.

It’s a small detail that can make a huge impact.

What is your favorite favicon?

I am not sure which one is my favorite but the users like the one for Nintendo and Pokemon. Mario and the Pokeball get the most clicks.

How many favicons do you plan on adding?

This question makes me laugh! I never planned on 1900 and now I have regular visits with people searching and submitting their sites favicon every single day.

I add 5 to 10 a day and as long as people find it interesting or inspiring, I’m down with keeping it updated.

Garrett, I want to thank you very much for adding my niche website favicon tutorial to your awesome website! Super Favicon can be found right here and I suggest you all go check it out and submit your own favicon!