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Suh, Detroit Dad, Welker, 125 Traffic Jam, Drake Beiber Trending

This is my first post doing anything like this but I think it is an awesome idea! If you missed out on what is trending, You will be able to catch a snippet right here! I’m going to use this to express my opinion on the top 5 things trending at this exact moment. Only feedback from you guys will tell me if it is worth it to even do this so please comment below and let me know what you think.

Ndamukong Suh Taunting Trending:

Ndamukong Suh is accused of taunting Justice as he laid on the ground, dancing and laughing around the injured player.

My Opinion: It’s football guys. This isn’t golf. Hitting is allowed, taunting is allowed. I do agree that this guy is a dirty football player though. It seems at this point that every news team is trying to bash on Suh. In which they fucking should. He is a dirty player, on a dirty team. The Lions lost yet again though. So you need to view this as a positive. As long as Suh is on the team, the NFC North does not have to worry about the Detroit Lions getting anywhere this year. Go Bears!

Detroit Dad Gets Life in Prison Trending:

A Detroit father who inspired dozens of people to look for his missing 2-year-old daughter was sentenced to life in prison for her murder Monday while repeatedly insisting that she’s still alive.

My Take: This is horribly disturbing. How can you kill a person let alone your own daughter? Then have the tenacity to say your daughter went missing and asked people to help you find her? I’m glad you were served life in prison. I think its better than the death penalty. The death penalty is the easy way out, at least now you get to suffer the rest of your pathetic life. Have fun in hell you piece of shit. However, there was no evidence presented in court once so ever. Makes you wonder, how was he convicted so easily, and Casey Anthony was set free?

Wes Welker’s Penthouse Condo Trending:

Wes bought the condo for $1.8 million. He’s now asking $2.5 million for his condo.

Thoughts: Man I wish I could afford a condo for that much cash! However, I’d rather much live in a house twice the size and in a quieter place. Good for him though. He definitely is a dominant receiving force for the New England Patriots. I’m sure Mr. Tom Brady loves throwing to him also. If he gets th sale, maybe it’s a brief shot of hope for the housing market.

125 Mile Traffic Jam in Russia for 3 Days Trending:

Between St. Petersburg and Moscow a 125 mile traffic jam kept cars stuck for 3 days!

Let’s See: Wow that sucks! I live in Chicago and I can’t stand a half hour traffic jam. I couldn’t even imagine 3 days?!? How do you use the bathroom? Wouldn’t you run out of gas? I hope you have a car charger for yo phone because your going to be so damn bored just sitting there. I guess those people couldn’t get to work the next couple days, try explaining that one to your boss. Yea, sorry can’t come into work the next couple days, I’m still driving home from work last night. People of Russia that had to deal with this mess, I am very sorry you had to deal with this.

Drake and Justin Bieber Trending:

Apparently Drake and Justin Bieber hung out in Toronto

Who Cares: I like most of Drake’s music and I think it’s cool that an Artist from Canada has become so popular in the United States. Justin Bieber on the other hand annoys the shit out of me! When is he going to turn into every other young celebrity and become a drug addict and just disappear from the media? I hope that day is coming soon because I just can’t listen to his music. What is with him anyway? He’s a young pop singer who tries to dress like a gangster rapper. I hope Dr. Dre put’s down his headphones for 10 minutes a slaps a hoe! Speaking of Dr. Dre, when the fuck is Detox dropping?

Well that was my take on what is trending for today. Don’t like it? Well fuck it, it was my first attempt at this. Please comment below and tell me what you think about any of these trending topics. I will post my favorite comments on the website for everyone to see!