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Strawberry Guava Fuze , Incredibly Delicious

I have been starting a bad habit of going to the gas station before work everyday and buying some snacks or some energy drinks to try and make my morning better. So the other day I decided I wanted to definitely buy something to fill the void but I didn’t want something as unhealthy as pop. So I figured I’d look around and I noticed a Strawberry Guava Fuze in the cooler and it sounded good so I said what the hell and bought it. What was funny was even the cashier looked at it and said “hmmm..This looks like it might be good”.

fuze strawberry guava

And it was good. Not just good, so delicious I bought 2 the next day. It tasted unbelievable. The only way I can explain it is that it tasted so good that I wanted to just chug the entire thing and drink it all at once. Go to the gas station or store and buy one and you won’t be disappointed. Now I’m not sure if it is the least bit healthy but who cares. It’s delicious.