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Statistics for the Month of January So Far So Good

My goal for the month of January, 2013 is to hit 10,000 Unique IP’s and I’m on the right track. At the rate I’m going so far, I might be able to hit that goal with ease. I’m officially at 1,571 unique hits for the month of January.

Peep the picture below:

Unique Hits January 2013

I use to get a bit of better organic traffic for Popular Blog Site, but when I took the site over again in the beginning of December, I switched the links around and it hurt my traffic for about a month. It was stupid at the time, but it makes it better for me in the long run. Right now the google search engine is starting to pick me up again.

Side Note

I have been receiving great feedback from my twitter, and the comment system in place here. You guys are awesome! If you tweet me, I try my damn best to tweet you back. Same goes with a comment on here. I have a bunch of things in the works that will be released in due time, like eBooks, podcasts, niche websites, like the one I just created, and plenty of other goodies! Stay Tuned my friends and thanks for following! Help spread the word!