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Starting Liquid Diet, Garden of Life Meal Replacement, Popular Blog Site

I am starting a liquid diet as of tomorrow. I have never done something like this so it will be very hard to accomplish. I will also be blogging about all the details every single day. It will be for 21 days and that might not seem that long but I guarantee it will feel like an eternity. I am doing this to lose some fat but I am mainly doing this to purify my body. I have been stuffing my body with junk food and toxins for quite some time now and I think I owe my body a favor and need to cleanse myself.

Each day I will post what I drank, how much I drank, and any other things involving my diet. I will be buying multiple Garden of Life products tomorrow from a supplement store to get all the nutrients I need so I do not starve my body. I will also be buying Vitamins and minerals to help keep me awake and healthy during this. The products can get a bit expensive but this is 3 weeks worth of food in a sense and the grocery bill would be clearly more expensive. I will also be buying some type of protein powder, possibly Myofusion Cookies and cream by Gaspari Nutrition because I love the taste.

So we will see if I can do it. I think with a little bit of will power and dedication I should be able to succeed at this. Wish me luck and feel free to comment.