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Spotify Premium Review 2014

Spotify Premium Review 2014.

Spotify is a great program and excellent cellphone App. I currently pay $9.99 for the premium version of Spotify and it’s totally worth it.

For one I feel good that maybe artists are getting paid a small chunk of this and also most songs I listen to are on Spotify. It syncs perfectly with my Camry and it even shows the songs on my digital LCD screen and fully functions with the cars interface.

On your phone if you have premium you can “Save Playlists to Offline Mode” or whatever they call it and this allows you to play your songs even if an internet connection isn’t present which saves your data usage. I know most cell phone providers limit your data and then if you go over, your screwed.


Spotify Premium Review 2014

Spotify is way better than Pandora and way more user friendly. I’ve only used the free version of Pandora which was getting too annoying to me. It’s like they played more ads then songs. Ever since I switched to Spotify, I haven’t even have thunk twice. Spotify allows you to pick any song you want to play and it is well worth the $9.99!

Most artists are bringing their music to Spotify so that’s a plus so you will have more options. The best part is the radio function which is identical to Pandora except you can skip unlimited times. Give Spotify a try, they offered me a 30 day free trial and I decided to keep it. Smart move Spotify, I love it.