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Sorry for not posting the past couple of days – midterms

I am sorry for not posting anything the post 2 days, I have been studying and taking tests for college. I also work about 12 hours a day on top of that. So sometimes, even though I hate it, I have to sacrifice time away from here to focus on the more important priorities I have currently. Someday this website and or multiple websites I have will be my priority, but for now I have to hustle and I’m getting my Masters Degree in Computer Science for a good backup plan in case my own businesses fall through. Either way I’ll be set.

Regardless I will be posting more and more soon. Stay Tuned friends and thanks for visiting!


*Side note– I have been flooded with you guys emailing me and asking me questions and giving me constructive criticism and I appreciate it very much. Sorry If I do not respond to you right away but I assure you I read every email. Thank you guys.