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So I started my Diet Today… (Crash Diet Day 1)

My diet started today and so far so good. Yes, it’s only day one but you need to start somewhere.

Today at around noon, I ate 6 hard boiled eggs with a little bit of hot sauce. I made 24 hard-boiled eggs last night and plan on eating 6 every single day. I’m already kind of sick of eating eggs, not good, but I’ m sticking to this strict diet to jump start my healthier lifestyle.

I fell in a rut with my girlfriend as well where we would just constantly eat junk food and order take out, whether it be ordering Chinese, pizza, rib sandwiches, we would be eating too much food and spending too much money.

Why a Crash Diet?

I’m sure you heard that a “Crash Diet” is a bad thing to do and it really is. So why am I doing it? Because that’s the way my brain works. I need to do things to the extreme in order to accomplish my ultimate goal. It’s either all or nothing with me. I’m going to lose 50 pounds of fat, in 50 days. I have a pretty solid muscular frame, so 50 might be a bit too much but I want to feel good again. There’s something about being skinny and feeling all the weight off your body that makes you feel great.

After I lose my initial goal weight I will return to a healthier lifestyle, I just need a drastic kick start before this gets out of hand. Of course, I will be blogging my entire mission. I will be 50 pounds lighter by March 15, there is just no way around it.