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San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Champs – Wait What? FansEdge Error

I was browsing around Popular Blog Site and noticed a very unusual advertisement from FansEdge.

The advertisement banner is stating that the San Francisco 49ers are the Super Bowl Champions.

Umm..Can somebody please tell FansEdge that was in fact the Baltimore Ravens that won the Super Bowl and not the 49ers? What if Colin Kaepernick was viewing my awesome blog, which I’m sure he does…, and he came across this ridiculous ad? Or how about Randy Moss was taking an internet stroll through Popular Blog Site lane and noticed this inaccurate mess?

No wonder the FansEdge in my town is always empty. What’s FansEdge? You know, that store in the mall that is a smaller version of Champs and it’s usually located in the very back of the mall where the mall dollar store is. Oh you never heard of them? Good thing you found out because they have all your 49ers Football Super Bowl Victory gear that you literally can’t buy anywhere else.

FansEdge Premature Advertising Banner That is Still Up

Click on the picture below to see the full size image and look at this ridiculous banner that was up on Popular Blog Site on 2/9/2013.

San Francisco 49ers Super Bowl Champs FansEdge Advertising Error

Can someone please forward this to FansEdge and let them know this advertisement is still active? Thanks!