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Rob Zombie – Demon Speeding Video + Lyrics

Rob Zombie is the ultimate playlist when it comes to me going to the gym. I actually enjoy a bunch of his songs but Demon Speeding is the one that pumps me up the hardest for the gym. It is also a very bad song to have on when you are driving on the expressway because it makes me want to drive 200 mph…of course I don’t do such a thing though.

For some reason when I try to bring up this song on my YouTube mobile app I never can find the original song, it only gives me a bunch of different people’s remixes? Weird but I was able to find it instantly with my computer and thus I have embedded the video for your listening and viewing pleasure. This video actually has the lyrics on the screen as Rob Zombie is saying them.

I guess when we think of Karaoke we never think of Rob Zombie Demon Speeding but I think this is the kind of Karaoke I would enjoy.

Rob Zombie – Demon Speeding Lyrics + Video