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Popular Blog Sites

Your searching for Popular Blog Sites and you come across the most popular blog site, Popular Blog Site. Popular Blog Sites are popular for a reason. They offer unique content and they are doing all the right steps. They don’t just become popular overnight either. You need years of a built community and great use of the search engines before you can be deemed among the most popular blog sites in the world.

Popular Blog Sites: About Popular Blog Site has been around since February, 2012 but it really started up about a week ago. I would put posts when I first started the website but then something tragic in my life had happened. I lost my mom. I don’t really want to go in to the details on this post but it was devastating. So it took until about this month to finally be motivated to start the blog up again. I know my mom wants me to be successful and I am going to continue to be just that for my mom.

Twitter has helped me become popular. My twitter account already has 1,400 Followers and I have only been around since February. Truly only been actively posting a week ago. Social media is incredible because I can post something, and then instantly 1,400 people will get that information. Then they can chose to click on the link or not. I usually have great success with twitter and I will always continue to use it.

Twitter also offers people direct communication with me. Who else has been in that situation where they don’t feel like emailing someone and just send them a tweet hoping for a response? Well I promise you, whether it is an email or a tweet, I will get back to you.

Facebook can be very effective except not for me. I currently have 2 followers on Facebook. That is horrible. I can’t get a snowball effect to occur because I do not have a Facebook of my own that already has my friends on it to spread the word. I’m just going to assume the start up is going to be hard but once I get a few hundred likes my life will become easier. Facebook is not helping me become one of the most popular blog sites at this point in time.

Popular Blog Sites: What are other Popular Blog Sites Doing?

-I think a major move by most big time popular blog sites is content. No matter what Google decides to do with the algorithms at any point in time, content has proven to be the main item that gets you ranked and gets you on that search engine. You have a much better opportunity to gain followers and build a community with unique, solid, genuine content. This article I am typing is coming straight from me and my experiences. I’m not googling my keyword right now and summarizing someone else’s post. If you do that, you will not succeed.

Be patient. This is where I have the hardest time with blogging. I am the most impatient person you will ever meet. With the internet world, indexing and SEO takes time. It takes a lot of time and there is not guarantee what you are doing is correct. You won’t even know what your doing is correct until a few weeks after you do it. If you are a new site, it could sometimes take months to even appear in Google. So give it some time before you give up, you could be one of the most popular blog sites on the internet within a year!

Popular Blog Sites: I am the Popular Blog Site

-Chances are that the only reason you landed on this page in the first place is because of my URL. It is That sentence holds a lot of weight. I am told by many SEO experts that your URL is a game changer especially if you have a niche website. Do your research and make sure you can have a great URL for your blog or niche site, whatever it may be. Mine for this website makes it very easy for me to relate to Popular Blog Sites. Thus why you landed here. URL isn’t everything but it definitely is something you want to chose wisely.

Good luck with your website and blog and I hope to find you in Google soon! Leave a link to your website in the comment section! I have no problem with a little free advertising!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Please leave a comment and browse around! Thank You!