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Popular Blog Site Will Have a Podcast

podcast_coming_soonPopular Blog Site will be having a Podcast in the future. I’m not sure exactly when but I was messing around recording on my iPhone and it didn’t sound half bad. My girlfriend had mentioned that I dropped too many F-words so I definitely need to practice. I’m not a big fan of my voice but it doesn’t sound half bad when recorded on an iPhone. I have professional recording equipment in my office and it will sound even better if I do it that way. I have a condenser microphone and I have professional studio monitors to listen in on the vocals after I record them. Right now, I pretty much just use the studio monitors to listen to music. Music does sound a lot better with professional speakers let me tell you. You hear sounds you never heard before, it’s kind of like listening to music with headphones.

What will the Podcast be about?

Good question. I’m assuming the first couple of podcasts might be pretty crappy but it will only get better over time. It’s going to be just like this blog I think, kind of random, some pieces of advice, and of course some comedy. I like to be funny and entertain but I want to be helpful and informative as well. You can’t just state information the whole time though because it will be so damn boring. I will make sure I don’t bore the hell out of you and you will enjoy it.

When will this happen?

I have no idea but I want to start as soon as possible. The first recording I did last night was when I was driving home from work and it wasn’t half bad. You can hear the highway traffic muffled in the background but besides that it sounded pretty good. So time really isn’t a factor it’s really about who would be listening to it. I want to have a solid blog audience first before I put the time and effort into vocalizing my podcast. Or I might start right away and hope they come to my blog from the podcast. Who knows. What I do know is there will definitely be a podcast, it will just be me for now, and I will have guests in the future.

Please let me know what you think and if you believe that you would in fact listen to a podcast of mine. Thank You!