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Popular Blog Site Updated Big Time

Popular Blog Site has been around for a couple years now but it has always been on and off. Now I have time to keep this thing going and I have 100% Ownership! Popular Blog Site has been gaining new traffic and more views monthly since the day it became a website. I want to keep this trend going and keep the content fresh! I’m not making any promises people but I’m hoping to update this bad boy every single day, or at least a couple new posts per week.

Popular Blog Site has officially updated the theme to a more cleaner, easier layout. Now it’s very simple to read whichever article you choose to read and also leave a comment if necessary. I also implemented multiple Google + buttons and Facebook buttons for easier sharing on Social Media. There is just way to many Social Media platforms that exist so my main focus for the future is Google+ with a bit of Facebook but I feel like Facebook is dwindling. Google Plus seems to be the future.

With that being said, I welcome you all to the new and improved Popular Blog Site!