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Popular Blog Site Podcast Update

The microphone is officially plugged in, and the pop screen is installed. Now I’m just waiting on the headphones and getting my podcast notes ready. The first Popular Blog Site Podcast will be recorded very soon and I will upload it when that happens.

I have been talking about my Podcast for a while and if you haven’t heard my Podcast teaser that I recorded with my iPhone while driving home from work then please give it a listen.

I’m working on finding a good host for my audio files because once I start recording this Podcast I want to be able to update it frequently and it takes up a lot of bandwidth. I don’t want you guys to hit play and nothing loads.

The Popular Blog Site Podcast – Coming Soon


It’s on the way and I want to thank everyone for the support. I get about 10 emails a day and multiple tweets about people saying how excited they are to listen to my podcast. Thank You! I promise it’s coming soon!