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Popular Blog Site Monday Start of the Week Update 2/6/2012

Here is the first Monday post for and I have a feeling not the last. I kind of want to do a post every Monday with an update of what has been going on and information about what is to come this week.I will try to post one every single monday giving a detailed description of what has been done and what is being done to improve the website for maximum viewer satisfaction.

What Happened Last Week?

  • Launched
  • Set up Blog interface
  • Added a customized Theme.
  • Pasted Adsense Code. (sorry but needed to pay for site)
  • Made First Few Posts
  • Already Received Comments
  • Etc.

What is going to happen this week?

  • About Me section detailing everything about me.
  • Setup Favicon
  • Contact Page
  • Guest Blog Submission Information
  • Link Exchange
  • Posts Daily
  • Getting the word out
  • And Much More.

Since this is the first time I’m doing this I’m keeping it short and simple, considering there are minimal viewers right now. I have had such a great turnout already and we haven’t even been live for a full week! I plan on keeping this website up for as long as there is people viewing. This is not my first website but it is my first blog/interactive type thing. So please, cut me some slack. Thank you in advance.

I want to make sure this website stays nice and close to the people viewing it everyday so your advice and suggestions is read and taken into consideration. Every time someone posts a comment on here I get it sent directly to my phone. Now even though my schedule is very hectic; full-time job/full-time student/girlfriend(lol), I will try my best to read and reply to everyone. Your comment is being read, I promise.

You might be asking yourself…What can I do for you?

Well the answer is simple. Just keep on checking back and spread the word. The more viewers there is, the better the content will be, and the more interaction will take place.

Thank you very much. Please post a comment and check out the other posts.