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Popular Blog Site Face Lift Update

Popular Blog Site Face Lift Update


Out with the old, in with the new they say! So after a year or so I now have full ownership of Popular Blog Site and have redesigned the entire theme. I decided to keep all the content that was previously put on here, some good, some decent & some…questionable. However, I didn’t want to delete any of the old stuff so I actually created a category called “Old” and shoved every single post in there that dates back before today.

Right now you will notice there isn’t much functionality and it may be difficult to navigate. No worries, this will all be better once more content has been written. The more content that is written, the more categories will be present and the easier it will be to surf the website.

Going Forward

So any post you see categorized, something besides “Old”, is something that has been posted after this date in time. It seemed to be the easiest way to keep the old content separated from all the new content coming forward. Like I said above, there is some good content from before, but I know the website is going to be much cleaner, and have much better, well written, content going forward.

Thank you for visiting Popular Blog Site and I hope you have a great day.