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Plan Your Future and Create Your Goals

I recently purchased 2 huge dry erase boards for my home office and I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now but never got to it. I finally went with my girlfriend to Wal-Mart and spent about $50.00, which is kind of expensive for something not exactly needed but I’m happy about it. This morning I hung them up on my wall and already filled them out.

Two Dry Erase Boards

The smaller one of the 2 is a calender version of the dry erase board. This is the best thing I could have ever purchased because it gives me a clear way to write out my plans and goals for the short-term meaning just a month’s period of time. Also, as many of you know, things change on a daily basis. I can just erase what I wrote and re-evaluate with the swipe of an eraser.

Now the big dry erase board on top is more for the long-term goals including some personal goals not involving this website. I am starting a very strict diet tomorrow and I will write a blog post about it tomorrow. The rest of the board shows exactly what I want to do for the entire year, and what goals I want to hit by certain points in time. For instance, one goal I want to stick with is to Create a Website, a brand new website, every 2 weeks. Does that sound ridiculous? Yes, for some people but I think I have this thing down pat. My first website I created for this goal is right here.

So far so good though with the entire dry erase board thing. I guess the only negative about using a dry erase board is if you are left handed. I have to write a goofy way or else my hand erases everything. Alright, no big deal.

dry erase board

Plan Your Future and Goals

The point of this post is to use whatever tools you need to plan your future and create yourself some goals. Whether it is a piece of paper, or the notes application in your iPhone, jot this information down somewhere. I use to just type my ideas in my phone, which I still will do when I’m not at home, but now I have this awesome dry erase board right next to me to outline my ideas and strategies. I have thought of some pretty awesome things but then forgot them the moment I got home.

I plan to have an awesome year with you guys, let’s destroy 2013 friends.