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Phil Robertson Kicked Off Duck Dynasty

Phil Robertson has officially been kicked off of the hit TV sitcom, Duck Dynasty.

Surprisingly, I figured everyone knew what Duck Dynasty was because the girlfriend and I dressed as Miss Kay and I was Phil Robertson for Halloween this year. No one really knew who the hell we were but they all said they at least heard of the show but never watched it. My girlfriend loves the show, especially Si, which is quite ironic because my girlfriend is 100% Vietnamese…anyways!

I personally would rather watch something else but I don’t mind the show. It’s definitely something that doesn’t force me to change the channel. I’d assume with Phil’s absence now the show won’t last much longer. I’d say a couple more seasons at best.


Phil Robertson No Longer On Duck Dynasty

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson apparently mentioned that “Gays” are “Sinners” in his most recent GQ Magazine column. This was enough for A&E to kick him off the show indefinitely which is quite ironic because without Phil, there would have never been a “Duck Dynasty” TV Show in the first place.

Here’s a little fun fact: Phil Robertson was the starting quarterback for his college, and his backup was none other then Terry Bradshaw. Phil said he would rather be with the ducks…well as long as they are not gay.

Look guys, it’s practically 2014 and if you still think someone who is gay is a sinner then you are misinformed. Unfortunately, people who are much older grew up in a generation where it was normal to frown upon a different lifestyle then the social norm. This isn’t the case anymore and I hope Phil realizes this will offend people of all sexual preferences.