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People Who Can’t Drive: Asshole Driver

There’s an easy term for the people who can’t drive, Asshole Driver. Asshole Driver’s is the only reason you are stressed out when your driving.

Just imagine if everyone drove like normal people and you didn’t get stuck in front of or behind an asshole driver. Your life would just be so much better! Your commute would be so much more relaxing. What’s funny is traffic in a major city. Whether it is New York, Chicago, or LA for example, it seems like every 3rd car is an asshole driver. This person likes to ride your ass, he likes to cut you off and then slow down, he likes to have his brights on and blind you, it almost seems like this asshole driver enjoys pissing you off.

Who has ever approached a 4 way stop sign with someone on their cellphone driving? That person has no clue what the hell they are doing. We are all guilty or talking on the phone while we are driving, or even texting on the phone but don’t let this effect your driving. If you are texting, just wait until you get to a stop light. Shit, I think my car has a sensor on the front bumper that turns Green Lights into Red Lights. So that leaves me plenty of time to get a bunch of text’s out.

What’s funny is if you drive anywhere 2-3 hours outside of a major city, the drivers become better people. People use their turn signal and leave you plenty of room to pass. People will even smile and acknowledge your hand gesture..and not the kind of hand gesture I give to city drivers!

Point is: You do not have to ride the person in front of you’s ass. It will not speed up your trip. How many times have you seen some jackass speed past you only to see him at the next red light in the same exact position you are? Exactly. Stop Driving like an asshole, and have some damn courtesy to your fellow driver. /EndRant