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People Playing With Their Cell Phone Instead Of Socializing

Ah, the modern age cellular phone, how bitter sweet thou are.

We all have a cellphone and we pretty much all have a smartphone. Some of you might be reading this on your smart phone right now and the technology factor is just incredible.

Who would of thought 10 years ago that today we would have this super powerful computer in the palm of our hands? I sure didn’t. I can remember using Windows 95 on a NEC Ready computer, that thing was so damn slow. Don’t even get me started on the 56k phone modem connection that would disconnect instantly if someone picked up the house phone. Now we can instantly open web pages or stream music or video on our smart phones completely wireless.

people on cell phones

So what’s the problem then? Well, for one, society has become attached to this damn device.

Humans Lost Touch With Their Inner Touch Screens

How many times have you said something to someone right in front of you but they have no idea what you said because they are glued to their phone? Have you ever been out to dinner and see a couple both sitting there on their phones? Has life become that boring that we need to constantly be entertained with our phones? It seems like the world’s attention span has gone to crap ever since iPhone’s have come out.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my iPhone to death and will continue to buy the next best one, but when I’m socializing with someone I understand the importance of actually putting the phone down and interacting with them! People, put the damn phone down when your talking with people! If someone calls you and it isn’t an emergency, tell them you will call them back. The same thing should go with texting too.

I’m an Excellent Multitasker, I Do Both

Actually this headline is partially true for me, I am incredible at multitasking but how does the person opposite of me know that? They Don’t! They think I’m just like every one else and I am not paying any attention to them. Even though I can multitask efficiently and still hold a conversation, I put the phone away regardless. There’s a vibrate and silent setting for a reason, you can put it in your pocket or purse and let it do it’s own thing.

It just drives me nuts when your trying to tell somebody something and they give you the “Wait, what did you say?” and you have to repeat yourself again and again and get no further in the convo.

Technology is amazing, but people suck.