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People Driving in the Snow

Driving in the snow just sucks! I can’t stand it. It’s actually a big frustration when I have to go somewhere and it’s snowing outside. The reason I hate it so much is because of other people. If the street was empty and it was just me and the snow together alone, I wouldn’t mind it at all.

Now I don’t know what your driving, but I’m driving my brand new 2014 Toyota Camry XLE and I’m not in any circumstances planning on destroying it right now. What I’m saying is I’m driving extra cautious and a bit slower then I would have with my truck I use to have.

People Driving in the Snow

There are so many people who drive way to damn fast when it is icy out and when it is snowing. If the roads are salted and it’s pretty safe but it’s snowing, I’ll go about the speed limit, maybe 5 mph slower. However, some people seem to think they can go 65 in a 35 and will literally ride your bumper the entire time. Are these people looking to get into an accident? There is nothing more annoying then other drivers when it’s poor road conditions.


The other people that suck are the ones who slam on the brakes way to late and cause everyone behind them to spin out or land in a ditch. Is it so hard to keep a safe distance and slowly brake to a complete stop? NO!

The last time I was driving home from work and it was extremely icy outside. I left myself at least a car length of space in front of me to make sure I’d be safe if I slipped on some ice. Remember I have a brand new car and I want nothing to happen to it. So I’m driving about 10 mph, same with all the traffic around me the roads were ridiculously slick and this big commercial van swings out of a subdivision and cuts me off causing the driver behind me to break into a ditch. If your going to drive like an idiot then don’t drive at all.

I guess the reason I’m ranting is because it’s snowing right now and I have to go to my brother’s house to help set up a Christmas Tree and I’m hoping the roads are clear by then. People, learn how to drive! You will make the good drivers lives so much better and keep accidents from happening.