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Paypal & Paypal Smart Connect

Since I’m trying to reduce my paper trail, I have started a Paypal account. Wait…what? Your just starting a Paypal account now? Well yes and no. I have always had one for eBay and for other small things but now I have created one for business. I’m started ot get paid and starting to sign up to more affiliate marketing and paypal seems to be the #1 source of money online. Paypal makes you go through about 100 different security checks at first, which is rather annoying, but it’s very helpful to your as the account holder. I feel 100% safe with my account.


What’s even crazier is that they now offer a line of credit. I accidentally clicked yes and I just got my letter in the mail today. I now have a paypal credit line with a decent line amount, which I’ll probably never use but it already has been added to my Experian credit report. Well I might use it a couple times in the month for small things, just to build my credit even higher. Check out and start your account now if you haven’t yet. Be ready to give them your bank account information, debit card information, and your mobile phone.