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Paul Walker Dead In Car Crash Age 40

Paul Walker has died today in a deadly car crash.

Paul Walker was only 40 years old when he died today causing a huge sadness across the globe. Paul Walker’s rep released a statement confirming that Paul Walker was in fact in the fiery car that had left 2 people dead total. Paul was in the passenger seat during the accident and the driver is believed to be his financial adviser but it isn’t confirmed as of yet.

This is a very tragic story and I just hope Walker didn’t suffer at all.

Paul Walker Dies In Fiery Car Crash

At this point it isn’t clear what caused the accident but they were driving a Porsche GT and they slammed into a post or a tree. After impact the car burst into flames leaving no chance for the 2 passengers to survive. The Porsche GT was originally thought to be Walkers but his rep stated it was actually his friends car.

It’s time like these where you realize how fragile human life is. You see Paul Walker in the Fast and Furious Franchise and you could never fathom him actually dieing in real life of an actual car crash. This is very sad news for his family and all of the fans and supporters he gained through his acting career.

This is currently the last known photograph of Paul Walker:


Update: This could possibly be the last picture taken 🙁

paul-walker-last photo

Edit: Higher Resolution Image of Paul Walker

paul-walker-last picture