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Paul Walker Autopsy Results – Accident

Paul Walker Autopsy Results are in and the coroner has officially ruled it an Accident. Not like anyone thought there was foul play anyways but regardless, it’s been confirmed.

Sources say Paul Walker might have initially survived the impact but the traumatic and thermal injuries that quickly followed made it impossible for Walker to survive. Roger Rodas, the driver of the vehicle, died of the same cause. It’s explained as Multiple Traumatic Injuries. Still very sad and will continue to be a tragic event for the remainder of time on earth.

The autopsy did confirm that Paul wasn’t driving and in fact Roger was driving and it also confirmed that Walker was in the passenger seat when the collision took place. It’s believed that the car hit a light pole then a tree before it burst into flames causing an explosion which instantly killed both of them.


Paul Walker Autopsy Results

The fact that 2 people lost their life is tragic and sad. No matter how death happens it’s never something we want to see or something we want to face ourselves. It amazes me some of the cruel jokes and things people are saying about this incident.

Apparently the toxicology report will be coming within 6 to 8 weeks and I really hope nothing was involved to cause the accident. These gentleman’s families have suffered enough and people need to realize that these are also 2 people. Paul Walker was a mega celebrity and this is why so many people are affected by this.

The world is going to miss you Paul Walker and Roger Rodas and I hope that your families have support dealing with this horrible situation. I’m not going to post any pictures of the actual crash or accident seen, you can find those all over the internet just search for it.