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Pandora Limits Listening Time – See People React To This

Pandora has been a good music app and I even have supported them in the past but they have gone off the deep end.

Like really Pandora? You are now limiting your users to only 40 hours a month before they have to pay?

That was seriously like the final straw, if you use Pandora often for many years you have noticed something recently and that is the fact that there are an insane amount of ads now. It’s a free music app, I get that there needs to be some sort of way for them to get paid and it’s my belief that the ads make them more money than if you just paid monthly ad free.

How can you take away the core feature of the program though? I mean what else is Pandora besides a place to stream free music?

I believe they are going to self destruct themselves because I am looking for other options. I already hate the fact that you can only skip 5 times, especially when after every skip there is a 30 second advertisement. I’m willing to pay but I’m looking towards something bigger like Sirius or even Spotify because Pandora pissed me off and plenty of other people.


You know what is even more insulting? Not only do they inform you when you have 5 hours left of free streaming remaining, they also explain that for $.99 you can buy “more time” but there will still be ads. Isn’t the point of paying so their isn’t any ads at all? I’m insulted.

People React To Pandora Limiting Listening Time

Right now people are starting to realize this is happening. Many people use Pandora religiously. People fall asleep to Pandora, People use Pandora when they are at the gym, and some people even use Pandora when they are at work. Whatever the case may be, some people actually use Pandora more than 40 hours a month. They are claiming it is only going to affect 4% of it’s users but I highly doubt it and if that’s the case then why is it such a problem for them? Something seems fishy here.

Let’s see how people are reacting on iTunes:

pandora reactions

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As you can see, everyone feels the same way about this. Pandora, you have made a big mistake and I hope you reconsider. Comment on this post and tell us all how you feel and maybe Pandora will take notice! Spread the word and share this on any social media platform you have!