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Painted my room white, took multiple coats of paint

What’s up everybody. I spent the past 10 hours painting my room completely white. I wanted a fresh start. My walls were a disaster before. There was black paint on the walls, spray paint, holes; you name the problem, and I had it.

I just took a look around and…man! It definitely makes the room look bigger and much brighter. Thank god it is finally over with. I had to use a gallon of Kilz primer to cover the black paint from before.

Even before that though, I had to use joint compact to seal all the problems in the walls. So after I did that I then waited for the joint compact to dry. Now I was hoping the Kilz primer was going to conceal the black completely but it definitely didn’t even come close. I ended up using all of the primer and 2 more coats of white paint. Making that about 4 coats of paint before the black stopped peeking through and the walls finally look fantastic. I am now exhausted and hungry so I shall go eat…and sit.

Please comment. There is only a few of you so far but there will be more coming hopefully. and Thank you for stopping by.